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Meet Aarti Betigeri

Even after a long and rewarding career in journalism, Aarti Betigeri knew that studying a Master of International Relations program at the Coral Bell School would be helpful in her professional development.

‘The Makings of a Success’: The Global Compact on Refugees and the Inaugural Global Refugee Forum

Patrick Wall studied a Master of Diplomacy and now works in Geneva at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) developing and executing the UNHCR's strategy for the 'Global Compact on Refugees'.

Meet Dr Nicolas Lemay-Hébert!

Meet Dr Nicolas Lemay-Hébert!

Reflections from Professor Bina D’Costa of her time at UNICEF

Professor Bina D’Costa joined The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) at the height of the Syrian refugee emergency in Europe, before returning to teach at The Australian National University. She shares her experiences, challenges, motivation and expertise.

Postgraduate Information Evening - Start Studying in 2019

Talk to us about postgraduate study in 2019

Endless Opportunities

Jamal Nabulsi is graduating this semester with a Master of International Relations (Advanced) with a plan to continue down the path of academia. Jamal came to study at ANU for the opportunity to learn from world-leading academics. Soon after commencing his study, Jamal began to work as a Policy Analyst at the General Delegation of Palestine to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. "It was so useful to be able to apply my studies in 'the real world' as I was learning, as well as use insights gained in my job to inform my studies," he says. 'Risky Business: A model of sufficient risk for anticipatory self-defence' is the title of Jamal's thesis which focuses on the ethics of anticipatory wars, drawing on the thought of 18th century Swiss philosopher Emmerich de Vattel to propose a new model for thinking about when wars might or might not be justified. One highlight during his studies, Jamal says, was to be able to work alongside Dr Luke Glanville who was both the lecturer for courses that inspired his idea for the project and also his supervisor. "We had many interesting discussions, thinking through the puzzles and problems posed by my research question," he says. Jamal also had the opportunity to tutor for a few of the Coral Bell School's foundation courses and work as a teaching assistant. "I have found taking tutorials to be particularly fulfilling and have really enjoyed getting to know my students, drawing on their knowledge and interests to create a fun and engaging learning environment for all of us (they've taught me at least as much as I've taught them)," he explains. "The ANU has provided me with great opportunities to improve not just my learning, but also my teaching. I have completed various teaching courses on offer, and I have recently registered for the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme, through which I hope to become an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy by the end of the year." "My experience in the Coral Bell School has helped me to realise my passion for academic research and teaching. Upon graduation from the Master of International Relations program, I will continue with tutoring and teaching assistant work at the ANU, while I apply for a PhD program. I hope to explore the role of affect and emotions in International Relation," Jamal summarises his experience and future plans.

Paying attention to aid

"The Australian National University recognises the start date of my doctoral studies as 28 March 2013. Yet, as this project has neared its completion and I have reflected on my thesis journey, I am increasingly convinced that the real 'start date' of this thesis was August 2009," relates International Relations PhD graduate Benjamin Day.

AI expressed through Art – a collaborative project bringing research to life

Dr Christopher Hobson has collaborated with artist Ashley Cullen to create a mural exploring themes related to his research in artificial intelligence (AI), offering a different way of communicating the complex concepts and emotions arising from the rapid development of AI.

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