A Feminist Call to Be Radical: Linking Women’s Health and Planetary Health

Politics & Gender

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Maria Tanyag

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Journal article

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Cambridge University Press

Maria Tanyag, ‘A Feminist Call to Be Radical: Linking Women’s Health and Planetary Health’, Politics & Gender, online, 28 July 2020.

Feminist IR scholarship can contribute to and even take the lead in advancing a transformative and interdisciplinary analysis of climate change and interlinked crises by starting from the everyday lives of women on the margins of global politics. The radical and transformative contribution of feminist perspectives to understanding global peace and security is that it allows for the unraveling of systems of oppression through the empirical analysis of how they entangle and make lives insecure. Then and now, what makes feminist scholarship particularly relevant to IR as a discipline and beyond, and for global security and development policymaking, are that (1) it generates critiques based on system-level analysis that begins with the particularized lives of women from/in/through the margins, and that ultimately (2) it aims to formulate radical visions for change focused not simply on building back in the aftermath of crisis but rather about flourishing — in leaps and bounds.

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