Alliances and Alignments in the Twenty-First Century

Australia as an Asia-Pacific Regional Power

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William T. Tow

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Book chapter

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William T. Tow, ‘Alliances and Alignments in the Twenty-First Century’, in Brendan Taylor, ed., Australia as an Asia-Pacific Regional Power: Friendships in Flux? Abingdon: Routledge, 2007, pp. 12-29.

This chapter asks three questions: how well do major postwar alliance theories relate to the rapidly changing security dynamics of the early twenty-first century? What alliance and alignment/coalition perspectives might explain ongoing challenges to organising security in the Asia-Pacific region? How does the Australian-US alliance (ANZUS) fit into emerging regional and global security frameworks? The chapter’s argument is that state-centric security partnerships continue to be germane to the ‘Long War’ but must be explained and validated quite differently from their Cold War predecessors.

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