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Humanitarian Negotiation With Armed Groups

Humanitarians operate on the frontlines of today's armed conflicts, where they regularly negotiate to provide assistance and to protect vulnerable...

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State-created vulnerability as a deterrent: The perceived vulnerability of single male asylum seekers

This seminar explores the extent to which the denial of the vulnerability label to certain individuals and groups can lead to an increase in their level of...

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Stephen Phillips

Appraising Thucydides’ Trap

Steve Chan discusses contemporary Sino-American relations, and considers how timing, location, alliance commitments, human emotions and misjudgements, and...

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Appraising Thucydides’ Trap

Sino-European relations through the lens of cybersecurity

Daniel P Bagge, Cyber Attache of the Czech Republic to the United States and Canada discusses how a midsized European country became a cyber player in the...

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Daniel P Bagge

Changing immigration stance in focus at 2019 Japan Update

Leadership in a time of uncertainty - 2019 Japan Update

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Japan Update 2019

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The perverse consequences of alliance politics: ANU IR interview with Mark Beeson

September 2017 - ANU Department of International Relations seminar series guest Prof. Mark Beeson (...

Appraising Thucydides’ Trap
Appraising Thucydides’ Trap

Appraising Thucydides’ Trap by Steve Chan

The notion of ‘Thucydides’ Trap’ claims that the danger of war increases when a rising state...


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